8-Week Session

BrandHER™ Essence 8-Week Intensive

BrandNiquely You! Academy presents the BrandHER™ Essence 8-Week Intensive Fall Session:

Oct. 4th until Nov. 22nd, 2021

BrandNiquely™ You! Inc. and Academy presents and Launches the BrandHER™ Essence 8-Week Intensive is Oct. 4th until Nov. 22nd, 2021

Aren’t you tired of trying to figure out your brand message, identity, pricing strategy and know who your divine clients are who will  pay you your worth, along with so much more!!


It is TIME to BE and LIVE a BIGGER BOLDER Version of You and Design a Personal Brand that Shares with the World the Essence of Who You Are!

I have created this 8-Week Intensive for those who are READY to BreakOUT of the Old Her and Step into the NEW YOU with all your BrandNique™ Brilliance and Shine Your Light to the World! It’s TIME Sis! 

It Is The Time of The WOMAN!!! I want to Rock With You! Let’s Make It Happen! 

We Want To Connect...Next Steps!

Developing a Personal or Business Brand is not easy for most, but it is for me because it is my gift, purpose and passion. If you are ready for your Next Step to your Next Level, so YOU can BE a BIGGER BOLDER YOU…

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