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Elyshia Brooks

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What is BrandNique™ Bosses Tribe all about and how it can elevate and empower you into your next…


Hi there, I’m Elyshia


Women Come to Me to ReDefine, ReDesign, and ReSet their Life, Find their Voice, Power and Purpose to Showcase their Brilliance to the World through My Dual Program including my BrandNique™ Personal Mastery and Personal Brand Identity Development through my BrandHER™ Essence Transformation Experience and Makeover! 

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BrandNique™ Bosses

My BrandHER™ Essence “Journey To Purpose” Experience Monthly Subscription where you will receive an EPIC EXPERIENCE through:

  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASS once a month, 
  • BrandNique Worksheet(s), my BrandNiquely™ You! 
  • Swag Box sent to you quarterly (provided you are consistent in the monthly subscription.) 
  • For the FIRST 100 signups…you will be grandmothered in at $27 a month ONLY for the FIRST 100 who take FAST ACTION within the first 24 hours. Then the price will increase to $97 per month to receive the SWAG BOX sent to you with AMAZING goodies and surprises. 
  • And So Much MORE!!!


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